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Hello again! This is Urytevaera. Below is a list of links that I have checked out. I hope they can help you out in your quest for knowledge *smiles*.
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Draconic Website

I think this is a great site for the 'awake and wandering' otherkin out there...especially draconic. Lots of stuff!

Great place for finding other dragons around the world!

Dragon Lovers

Sathos Ironbreath's Site

Site is quite young but shows great promise.
Includes a forum where they discuss Draconologie and links to draconic sites.

Lair of The Amethyst Dragon

More of a dragon-fan that does web/graphic designing.
A bit of an Adnd and Star Wars site as well.



Nice site..lots of info for otherkin of course :P
The site is always being improved upon. There are lots of links, info on otherkin, and so much more!

The Crisses, contains mailing lists, links and other things worth checking out.

A search engine and community for weres, furries, and Otherkin.

Silvernyte's Otherkin Outreach

Search for Otherkin, e-mail, snail mail,... SITE CURRENTLY DOWN

Elven and Fae

Good site.
Elves and Fae mainly. Lots of information,..look around.

Elven site, links, pictures, gatherings...


Site for Reincarnated Non-Human Souls

Information on Elven, links,....

Elven Language @

Learn many Elven words...

LadyChrys (Groves of Annwyn)
A site SidheKin. Not so much 'fluff'.

Contains images, lore, faerie links, a forum...take a look.


Below are a few links that are Earth-based.
If anyone wishes to add their site please email us.
Contains lots of information concerning Magick, Astral Projection, Religions...
Also has Discussion boards, newsletters, articles...too much to state here :)
A wiccan/witch place for information, world-wide news, and if you are looking for local stuff like gatherings, shops,.... LOTS of information!!!

Silver ShadowWolfs Magickal Paradise
Information on Herbs, Incense, Tarot, The Burning Times, Shamanism, and too much to type here :P

Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion
Provides Spiritual Counceling and teachings based on the Old Religion.
(Blue: "I haven't fully checked out this site yet,
but it doesn't seem too bad")

Non-Kin related

We have put these links for the pages that let us borrow their graphics or other work.

Click here to plant a tree!!!

Beetle Bug
Great Halloween graphics!

Name says it all!

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