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Shifting is short for shape-shifting, In our opinion, the terms transforming, morphing, changing, and 'turning into' are pretty much the same thing. There are many forms of shifting and many interpretations of what shifting is, exactly. The shifting can be mental, physical, astral, and a lot more.

Phenotype is considered the animal/creature form their body assumes when they shift. It can be any animal, an Eagle, Wolf, Dragon, Crocodile, Cat,… It doesn't always pertain to wolves exclusively, wolves are just the most common .
*blue typing*In my opinion I believe that everyone has more than one phenotype,some people have a better chance at 'finding' them.

Are people who can shapeshift. Calling a shifter a "were" also works because it can be short for werewolf or whatever phenptype it is that they have. It implies only that they have the ability to change their shape into an animal form. To our knowledge,There are three MAIN types of shifters: lycanthropes, therianthropes, and polymorphs. Here is an example below:

Lycanthropes are people who have the ability to shift into their wolf phenotype. (eg.They can become a full-fledged four-legged wolf, or a werewolf). Therianthropes are generally thought of as people who transform themselves into other animal forms. Therianthropes include were-eagles, were-foxes, were-dragons, etc… There are obviously at least three parts to Lycanthropy/Therianthropy…

1) Person is in full human form(physically),but could have some 'animal' feature(eg.cats eyes)but this isn't always the case, most look like 'normal' humans.

2) Person is in half(half human half animal/creature) or mixed(all human with animal face,etc…)form.

3) Person is now in full animal/creature form.Probably is the same size as the original animal/creature but could have some slight human feature (eg.human eyes perhaps).

To my knowledge, A person/thing that can change into any form that it desires (animal/creature/human/object).They can either be the full desired form like a sword for example, or part,a human with a sword instead of an arm. This also goes with what is above... a person in hybrid form with the skills/concentration or even fluking out can shift only a part of their body if desired..or accidental.

There are many types of shifts,these can apply to more than one Phenotype, especially Polymorphs.

It's simply a heightening of the senses. It includes the five physical senses (touch, taste, smell, hear, sight) along with the intuitive sense.
This can occur at any time with any other current shiftings whether or not the person desires or knows about it (yes it is possible not to know consiously for the ego blocks the mind).

A Dream Shift occurs when a Person transforms into their animal/creature/object,half of it,or just a piece(eg.claws instead of nails) in their dreams.
The change is often involuntary, which means "it just happens". Lycanthropes usually have less control over what they do in this form of shifting because, unlike Lucid Dream Shifting, they are unaware that they are dreaming.

The difference between Lucid Dream Shifting and Dream Shifting is that with Lucid Dream Shifting the person is aware that they are dreaming and therefor the change is usually voluntary. They know that they are dreaming and shapeshift by true will and desire.
As with regular lucid dreams, Lucid Dream Shifting experiences are just as vivid, sensual, and very realistic, the closest thing you can get to a Physical Shift. Lucid dreaming can affect your physical reality. Have you ever had a 'real' dream of stubbing your toe and waking up with pain in the same place?

*Blue typing* Something to ponder, open minded people only :P :
Do you think people can really p-shift(physical shift) while asleep to mimic their dream state (dreaming they are an animal) and wake up in the morning as a human again? With no cameras, no people watching there is no 'pressure' on the soul and the soul can be free to let the human body change...even if a bit. After all, that is what the person's soul is...

Physical Shifting occurs when the persons physical body actually undergoes the transformation from human to animal/creature/object,a mix or the state somewhere in-between.
This IS possible, but it requires the most intense concentration and/or the strongest emotion that the person can harness.
It is assumed that kin who can shift do not normally tell anyone for good reason. Can you imagine how many emails you would recieve by people asking you how to shift? Or getting a knock on the door from reporters or even the nastie lab people wanting to disect you???!!!

Some shiftings include -but don't stop here-:

A shift in eye color/shape: The iris changes color, can be any combination but usually similar -if not exact- to the Kins true state. The pupil may also expand and contract in ways that are appropriate to the kin type;for example, appear as 'snake-like' eyes for a dragon.
This change can be swift,gradual and may or may not be permanent.

Shift of body odor: Not the 'typical' humans sweat-and-smell mode but another type...For an example, An elf or a faerie kin suddenly smells like meadow flowers...why? Well, perhaps a defense mechanism (eg.if a nest full of wasps were suddenly attacking you, wouldn't it be nice for them to just mistake you for a flower and fly away confused?)

Nail/hair growth: Some people naturally can grow their hair fast, but more than 1 inch a week?! Probably more useful to have rapidly growing nails in a fight. Double voice: Some can say/sing two things at the same time as if they had two separate mouths yet from one. (hope that makes sense) Will be researching this one more...keep watching this one!

There are certainly more body parts to cover but these few should be good enough examples.

An Astral Shift occurs when a lycanthrope enters a spiritual trance, travels out of body to the astral plane, and shifts there.
Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference between Lucid Dream Shifts and Astral Shifts, lucid dreams being just as real, but Astral Shifts are sometimes associated with "psychic" experinces as well, such as: dream sharing, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis(the 'realworld' can be affected by a psychokinetic astral shifter but a dream shifters pk ability is usually restricted to the dream world that they occupy).
Most dragons have found it hard to get into the astral world on their first (or even every time) try!. Astral travel is different for everyone so no one technique can be laid out as "This is the only/best way to travel" :P. Astral travel is possble for everyone but not everyone will learn how to in this life.

Mental Shifting is just that,You are 'one' with the creature/animal/object,you think like it and act like it too. *blue typing* For most of the kin I have talked to this is a pretty common occurance (compared to the other shifts).

The mental shifts can last anywhere from a split second to ...err..perhaps a lifetime(though I dont think that would be a good thing) *imagines a human in a cage at a lab* :/
Sometimes you don't shift totally, you can also be 'half-consious' to where you can hear the words people are saying around you, you understand things like a human, but the thoughts get put over to the side cause you don't need to 'comprehend' them...
Sometimes you can shift at the worst times and it can be real scary indeed...think, how would a wild animal/creature react if it was suddenly put in the middle of a mall (for example) with lots of strange sounds,smells and many humans?
or how about shifting right in the middle of church (if you go to church)*lol*? It can be pretty hard to explain shifts to people who dont understand.

Not understanding causes fear, then anger, get burned at the stake or at the very least people tease you for something they dont understand.
And if they do? People can hurt you anyways..why? cause they are jealous or cause they think you MIGHT one day lose all your control and hurt someone.

Everyone has an Aura, 'radiating' from your body. It changes form constantly,from expanding and contracting when you breathe,to even changing shape when you feel threatened or just for no (consious)reason at all. Most of the time its done by 'instinct' but it can be shaped by will. Some times when you do feel threatened, you will change your auras shape to something that can symbolize protection(perhaps your favorite animal).

*blue typing* Personally I usually shift into a dragon, and I do this conciously *laughs* but my dragon-form is very large and some people around me(within 15 feet)will feel a sudden energy 'surge'(my form).I will look as I do in the physical but when you see my aura you can notice the difference in shape!
Auras come in many sizes, shapes, and colors and are never the same for long!

Auras can tell so much about a person too! You can tell if a person is sick and what illness they have. You could even tell what their goals are in life even if they don't know.


Finally, another type of shift -that Blue has heard of- seems to be quite unspoken around the kin community.
An Illusion/Glamour shift seems to be an actual physical shift but is actually what you could call an energy shift (psychic/etheral/astral?). It seems to occur when an Otherkin sends out energy via extreme emotion. This may or may not be conscious and can be picked up by anybody that is sensitive. The 'change' can be small or great.
What occurs is the person/people near the kin see/feel/?? a few 'bursts' of energy. They can manifest as something simple like eye-slits with a golden glow. The first person who sees it might actually contribute to the energy surge (without knowing) and send that 'impression' to the other people, and they might see the same thing as well.
Now the change never happened physically but to their did.

That way of shifting may be easier but it may prove more troublesome than it's worth.
Here's Blue's list of why it probably isn't a good idea....
2) You may end up putting yourself in a vulnerable would probably want to be alone anyways (which defeats the purpose) or with a very close friend (why bother showing off anyways).
3) Well people may not like you using their own fears and energy against them and if you believe in karma you may end up paying for tramatizing them!
4) There are always things you won't think about, like 'will they run?' 'will they try to hurt me?' 'will they think I am a freak and avoid me?' 'what if it dosen't work?'

We hope the information above will be useful for you. If you wish to mention more types of shifts or even the dangers of shifting we would love to hear from you. Just click here to mail us. Thank you.

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