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Mission Statement:
*blue speaking* Mission? Mission? we're on a mission? :P Well I can say that we created this site to find info on otherkin and to answer kin-related and other questions that anyone has(err, to the best of our ability).

Basic Legal stuff:
Grr, I hate writing this stuff but it has to be said:
We do not support racism,discrimination,sexism,piracy,porn,...etc. We make sure we ask permission if we borrow pictures from other sites and will usually have thier url kicking around somewhere :P (check links of course).
Any similairities in our characters (eg.names,race,date of birth,....)are purely coincidental.
If you have any questions about what is said above, please email us at
I am sure this list will get longer..but it's good for a start. We appreciate your comments.

If the art is not ours,we will do one or more of the following:

* We will link the art to their site
* Have their email address nearby stating that it is theirs
* Have any other address available(snail-mail usually)

***if we find a beautiful pic with no 'claimed' owner, we will have it up saying so (if the true owner to the pic emails us to take off the pic, we will asap).

RPG; just to know:
In our spare time we do role play.
Blue enjoys playing (& DMing) AD&D, Starwars, Rifts...Gold also plays (and DMs) AD&D but we do not 'get confused' and think we are in a fantasy world! We believe in the mystical stuff but magick and otherkin-related materials are kept seprate from our roleplaying life!
Concerning the poem titled 'Ravens Child' by Renee Newsom:
Blue Typing: I found this poem on the Internet one day at a discussion board.
Now the person who typed it out there was not the creator and didn't know how to
contact Renee.
I love this poem ,its very beautiful, and I have decided to add it to our poems section.
If anyone knows who Renee is (has her email) and/or IS her, please email us
immediately if you would like us to take this poem off!
If you would like us to keep it on and perhaps have us add more of your poems,
go right ahead and email us! We would be happy to have such a great artist's poems
on our website.
Again, Very beautiful poem Renee :)

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