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Elf information
If you are an elf, or know one, you might want to check out this page...

The Elven Page-Elves among us

This section contains thoughts from various kin and non-kin.
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Included are poems from Gold and Blue and other people who have submitted them here:

Poems by Blue:

WorkUp and running...

Poems by Gold:

Gold's poem page:Still under construction

This section contains pictures and drawings

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Blue and Gold both have their favorite quotes on their own special pages. Along with that are pages of other quotes found around the net and everywhere else.

Golds Favorite QuotesStill being worked on.
Blues Favorite QuotesUp and running....
Draconic QuotesUp and running...
Miscellaneous QuotesStill being worked on.

Fun ideas

Spreading GlamourIdeas on spreading glamour.

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