The Elven Diet

Pangs, Excuses, Knowledge

It is said that some elves have sensitive stomachs and eat very little, that is true,
but you may not know how or why exactly.

I have heard people say to me that "Elves in roleplaying games have to eat less because
they are thinner than humans and are part of nature" and I think (not real elves but
what the hey), 'yes, but humans are a part of nature also, they may not act like it…".

Others will say that "Kin elves have difficulty eating human meals because it isn't
more elven-like and most human meals contain less vegetables or fruits".
Yes, that is it too, but it is too vague.
They are missing: "Elves have sensitive stomachs BECAUSE of the crap that is ADDED into
food" , and "Humans have to eat more just to get all the vitamins they are lacking
in most of their meals".

I have a sensitivity to food. I am an elf. But in this world I am still a human.
Every day our food is grown with chemicals, steroids, pesticides, and it isn't always
as fresh as it can be…no wonder kin elves are having such difficulties eating human food!!!
(We need more to gain the benefits, but in eating more we acquire more pollutants)

Most of the elves that I have met, that actually look inside and outside of their minds
and bodies know that these chemicals are in our foods.

Excuses and the like

Unfortunately not all of the elves I have known actually try and reduce the amount of
'Extra Crap' that is added into their diet. As to why? Who knows, really, the answers
are as varied as the bends in the blades of grass.

Below is a small list of some big excuses / reasons (who knows which one),
that some Elves have told me why they can't eat as healthy as they would like:

"Well, I can get by, so my stomach goes a bit out of whack,
but it gets better…eventually"

"I just don't know where to look"

"It costs too much"

"My store doesn't have a health-food section"

I am sure every elf reading this has either used one of these above or
has heard it spoken around the community. Raise your hand if you have said
one or more.
If it makes you feel better…I have used all four in my life-time.
I would like to start at each of these main excuses and explain why
they 'arise' and what to do about them. I know there are more excuses but
these are the main ones I have heard (and used)..if you know more and know
how to get out of these..just mail me.

"Well, I can get by, so my stomach goes a bit out of whack, but it gets better…eventually."

What are you waiting for? When you suddenly end up vomiting, have diarrhea,
constipation, hives and end up in the hospital??
If you are poisoning yourself with pesticides, chemicals,
and grease (lets not even get on the subject of fast-food here) why continue the
vicious cycle of pain?

"I just don't know where to look"

Yep, I didn’t either. Perhaps you are just learning about your Elven-side,
the good, the bad, and the sensitivity (can go into either good or bad)…
Well you must know some elves by now (Internet or IRL), or at least know a
list or site that might have some. If not, what are you doing here?
And how did you find this site? (jeez, I thought my site was lurking)

"It costs too much"

Well, yeah, that gets to me too; I was almost growing my own colony of
'wallet moths' in my back pocket! Perhaps you can't afford it which
is an honest worry.
Perhaps you need to wait till you can 'risk' buying something extra on your list.
Not affording enough food to get you through the month may actually not be the problem…

Sometimes thinking 'why buy a bag of carrots when I could buy a burger,
fries, and a shake for the same price?' sounds like a good idea,
but it isn't.
At least not when you're an elf. Fast food is a real elf killer
(here we go with the grease-talk). Nothing can make an elf sicker than
a meal full of grease, questionable meats (who really knows if they use real beef),
risks of your burger not being cooked fully (if it is real meat),
Soda-Pop with enough syrup to probably wake up a bear in hibernation
and lets not forget the fries that have enough salt to start your own salt-mining company!

Carrots may be a better option; you aren't going to eat the WHOLE bag in one
meal anyways, it will probably be a nice side-thing for 3-8 meals.

If you do eat the whole bag in one sitting you might wan't to re-check
your Kin-type (you could be a were-rabbit!) *laughs*

"My store doesn't have a health-food section"

This happens in smaller towns, or in large cities but are too far away to walk or
sometimes drive.

Ordering online may have its advantages and disadvantages, I personally don't
know and since I luckily do have a health-food section now in my store(s)
I don't bother shopping online (yet).

One thought I have is to talk to the manager or write a letter (if it is a big store)
to the 'higher-ups' and say your concern for a health-aisle.
Infact, grab your relatives, friends, neighbours and get them to write letters too!
No one usually questions the motives behind wanting healthy food so don't worry about
being found out as Otherkin. When writing letters, be kind, and thank the
managers/owners/higher-ups for their time. Add a small list of organic
foods/drinks that you would like to see,(perhaps brand names for the specific drinks)
and mabey what companies sell them to stores. If they do follow up on your
letter and you see healthy stuff coming in (even a trickle of stuff) thank the person,
let them know that bringing in the extra stuff is actually being noticed in town
and making a positive difference in your health (and family/friends who
are using the products).

Striving for Symbiosis

Every elf, every human, and every plant is different.
Sure the same sub-species can look the same, but if fingerprints are proof of our the eating habits, sensitivities, and how our bodies
(not necessarily our minds) cope in this world.

We are symbiots to this earth, at least, we should be. Nature gives us food,
gives us nourishment, it gives us the strength to get up in the morning.
We eat nature, we bring nature into our bodies. When we die, nature eats us,
it digests us and uses our nutrients and then uses that energy to support and
grow more life.

All of us here on this earth, as Humans, Kin…Elves (we are guilty too)
can be a real pain in natures side. We don't always do our recycling and we buy
pesticide/chemical-covered food because it is convenient.

I am not going to go into a whole discussion about how we are supporting those
growers and so on, no, this is about the individual S-Elf. So, as BEINGS on this world,
we poison our body, making us less efficient, less helpful to nature.
When we die, our poisons (although minimal) from our body, add to the earth.

What should we really be eating? Thoughts, ideas..

Because everyone is different, there is no big shopping list written in stone.
Each human, each elf must find out what is healthy for them and what isn't
going to contribute to nature's problem.

Health Guides:

There are always guides scattered about in health-food stores, health-lists,
and search engines on the Internet. Search for them. Because I am not a doctor
I can't say what you should be eating and what you shouldn't, though it doesn't
take a genius to realize that there are some foods out there that can harm you.

Talk to a holistic doctor:

If you are lucky enough to find one in your town, at least one you can afford,
great! If you can't, well you aren't alone, some can charge an arm and a leg!

Try it out on your own:

Buy more organic veggies, fruits…etc. Drink pure water and juices, not sugar-filled ones.
Don't take vitamin supplements to replace your medications!
Talk to your doctor! Don't eat 'healthy' foods if you know they cause an
allergic reaction! (two bads do not cancel each other out)

If you have ANY signs of body stress; tummy aches, constipation, diarrhea,
nausea, vomiting.. you are doing something wrong or are going way to fast!
Go back to your normal routine and/or go and talk to your doctor,
there might be something else going on inside that you aren't aware of.

I know a person that has an addiction to certain foods. Her body 'craves'
the chemicals, destructive sugars and the like. If she were to suddenly stop
eating them…it could be deadly for her. She has weaned herself off them slowly
with positive results and by working with a health-care specialist.

Mixed Kin Benefits/Problems

To those that know me, or at least have read about me..they know I am
draconic and Elven. (I was draconic in one life, an elf in the other,
not a one-life mix of both)

Because I have Draconic in my soul I have a nastily awesome metabolism.
I could literally chew through wood, dirt (teeth aren't strong enough for rocks),
in this life with no problems for my stomach. I can consume massive amounts
of food and burn it up in no time. As a perfect example, when I used to play
on a sports team a couple of years ago (in my teenage years) I would eat a
pot of rice for lunch every day! (That would be 3-4 cups of cooked rice in one sitting)

At night, before a game I would eat a half a pot of mashed potatoes because
I believed it would help me get enough energy and power while I was kicking butt!
I know that it has its benefits, but combining physical with mental food was the bigger benefit for me.

I don't play much sports anymore but at least once a week I am having my
large portion of rice. I still enjoy mashed potatoes but large amounts now
disagree with me :(

Some kin can eat almost anything and others have to watch their diet like a
hungry vulture watches an animal walking through a desert. Others, like me,
end up with both of the eating styles; having the ability to eat a lot of odd and
rare foods with no problems, while sometimes simple and normal foods cause
stomach and other upsets.

Diseases and Disorders

One thought that some kin have is: "Are we kin? or do we just have a disease/disorder?"
I won't talk about mental disorders, that isn't my job.
If you don't know which you have (kin or krazy) don't ask me, go talk to a
doctor or take a long hard look in the spiritual mirror.

Internal disorders:

If you believe in a holistic approach to life then good, I won't have to explain much.
If you don't, I won't explain the details, look it up please.
Holistically, as beings we try to find a balance. Sometimes as kin our strengths
(or weaknesses) manifest mentally or even physically.
No, I am not talking about growing elven ears or suddenly being able to
translate 30 different dialects of the elven tounge..I am talking about
sensitivities, pains (phantom~physical), and other things.

Occasionally an elf will ask me:

" I have a sensitivity to noise, light, etc. Could it be stress/food/disease?
and if so, does this mean that I am not really elven?"

Well, stress can make you sensitive to lots of things, though who doesn't get
stress? So what? you are a stressed elf…if you need me to tell you that you
are an elf (to calm your nerves) and it isn't stress then you probably aren't.

If you are having 'phantom pains' from wings, ears or whatever else you feel
you SHOULD have, it could be something else. Chemically or mabey you are just
crazy..though mabey not. Who knows, again it is up to you to find out.

I know of at least 2 kin in person that have Fibromyalgia,
Myofascial Pain Syndrome(MFPS) and / or Leaky Gut Syndrome (which can usually be

(For those who don't know what they are , I possibly cannot type that much,
please look it up, thank you)

I rarely bring this up on the Internet to other kin because I find most
don't know about it and then I end up typing a whole little book on it.
Long explanation short, Fibromyalgia (and MFP) it is a disease that is
essentially a bio-chemical disorder and Leaky Gut Syndrome is when your
Liver can't take all of the toxins this world has to offer and starts
spitting it back out into the rest of your body.

Because some of the symptoms are quite close to elven or other kin sensitivities,
some kin really wonder if they are really kin at all or just have a disease.
If you do look up the symptoms (and believe me there are a lot) I have a few
questions to help disintegrate that "Am I really Elven-doubt" :

Do you have a connection with nature? Do you receive visions? Lucid dreams?
Do you hear the plants and animals speak? Do you have unexplained strengths/powers?
Do you have knowledge of past lives? Even one of these is enough.

If you do have Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and / or Leaky Gut Syndrome,
then you may just be an (insert your kin race/s here) with a human disease.

It doesn't surprise me anyways, ever hear about kin-immunization when traveling to
another world? It probably doesn't exist. So don't be surprised, you ARE in a
human body after all. Perhaps because our souls aren't used to human bodies
(or at least the frequency of these types of humans) that perhaps our souls are
burning through the bodies quicker. Being kin; remembering and using your
natural kin energies can over work a human body that isn't expecting so much demand.

Books, links, effort

I have read many books and though some don't apply to kin directly,
they can sure help us understand our bodies better.
I have included a link for fibromyalgia to those interested as well.
This page has somewhat briefly covered the basics to finding a healthier
way to eat for elves, and as well, talking about physical diseases, which
I feel is very shied upon in the kin community.

May you find what works for you, whether here on the Internet, in your physical
community or within your heart and soul. Don't forget, all good things take
effort and a will to live.

You are already far on your path to understanding, may the road never run out. Health-aware Links:

The Environmental Illness Resource

Fibromyalgia Network

Lovely Health (Info about Leaky Gut Syndrome)


"I was Poisoned by my body…I have a gut feeling you could be, too!" -Gloria Gilbere,
N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.
(The Oddyssey of a Doctor Who Reversed Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome,
and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity- Naturally)

**Note** I will not add any more links or books until I have visited / read them
and found them true and / or useful. I am currently reading a few more books on
Fibromyalgia and may add them here in the future.

I bet you are interested in seeing blue's diet -As an example only- (up and running)

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