"Sometimes in the darkness we feel lost and frightened, but if we just hold on...just a bit longer, we find our own inner light and it shines brighter than we could ever imagine."

Welcome, this page was created just for Dalandar.

Who is Dalandar?

That may be a bit hard to answer, but we will try our best.

Dalandar wasen't remembered until around Fall of 1995.
He had been consciously lost to us for over 2 decades.
Finally, we are slowly putting the pieces together.
Urytevaera (blue) first remembered seeing him -in this life- when she
and Gold were in draconic form on a dragon island.(one of many?)

What does he look like?

Urytevaera can see him more clearly in her visions than Gold so we will
describe it how she has seen him.
She can remember he is similar looking to her, though with some
slight differences.

Dalandar has ridges on his back, instead of the thin extention of
the backbone that she had seen herself with
(similar to spines in all respects yet un-movable,
not sharp and with a thin membrane/fin connecting them together).

She has also seen his horns more like a bulls in shape but similar to
a rams horns in detail.

His coloring is a black, with a glossy back and a white underbelly
(from the tip of his chin to the middle underside of his tail).

So why is he so important to us?

We believe that we are all one soul and he is a part of us.
We know he is always with us and is always trying to 'connect' to us
consciously. It has been hard for us to understand him and his 'meetings'
with us are usually filled with massive amounts of confusion.
Even though we get confused, we still know he is trying his hardest
to speak to us and still love him.

We don't know the details about our soulful connection,
but it doesn't really matter if we are 1 true soul that has recently separated
into 3 or if we are 3 souls trying to merge to expand our knowledge and to teach

Everyday we are learning more and more about Dalandar.

Where is Dalandar(physically/spiritually)?

We believe that Dalandar did not reincarnate physically into
this current time frame.

We know he is in spirit-form and is always with us.
Fully understanding the lines between Astral, Ethereal, and other
dimensions of being would really help us figure out just 'where' he is,
but so far all we understand is that he is somewhere 'out there' as a spirit.
Urytevaeras extreme sensitivity to empathy has helped us connect with him better
Connecting with him had been often painful and stressful for her,
causing her physical body much harm. -though not intentionally of course;
bodies just aren't meant to take that much energy-
She has slowly -over the years- trained herself (body/mind) to work with the energy
and has found a way to ground the excess.

What else do you know about Dalandar?

We have learned lots of 'tidbits' of information concerning him
though not much of it makes sense. Perhaps it will fit together one day.
When Dalandar's energy is 'surfacing' Urytevaera has noticed a strong desire
for honey which we believe is his favorite food. -which also has been shown
in another vision-
If someone is in pain he can balance it (taking away pain and
giving an equal amount of healing energies).

He has tremendous strength and can transfer it to Urytevaera when she needs;
Whether she asks him or not, he can suddenly make her body heavier than
it actually is(we're talking practically immovable here),
let her leg-press 700 pound weights, win arm wrestling matches
against 200lb grown men (and cause their arm to be damaged for the day),
and even open those annoying pickle jars.
We are very sure Dalandar knows where he is when he communicates with us
but we don't know how much he knows and if he really understands
it all.
Trying to speak english to him (or any other language we know)
hasen't worked too well. Most of what we pick up is in our feelings and dreams.

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