Miscellaneous Poems

The poem below is by Renee Newsom.

Raven's Child
Ravens child beware the green and golden bowers For the faerie folk do dwell there and Moonlights son is King Stay away from crystal brooks and silver spired towers Can you not feel the danger when you see the mushroom ring Raven's child he waits for you Silver haired is the fairie lord Eyes of moondust misty blue Speaks in silken voice the faerie word Wandering under the emerald bough In the blackest dead of night Searching for that which will not show Its shining face to mortals sight And silver haired Moonlights son Will hand in hand with faeries dance Till Lady Night has had her fun And will take no note of happenstance And Ravens' child will wander through To dance inside the mushroom ring Underneath stately oaks and emerald bough Where Moonlight's son is faerie king And come the dawn they'll be no more And mortals' daughter Raven's child will have gone away With silver haired Moonlight's son through the elven door That leads to the realms of ereafter and the lands of Fey. Created by Renee Newsom

See the legal page concerning the poem(under ART)

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