Blue's Diet

This is a diet that blue is starting to work on. She is quite sensitive to pesticides,
chemicals and the like in human foods and she is working on her own diet plan.
Diet does not mean losing weight in this case, it simply means she is changing
her usual food habits to healthier ones.
Below is an example only! It should be viewed as such and should not replace your own.
Talk to your doctor -homeopathic too- if you wish to use any of these
in your own diet.

This list will be added to.


* Small bowl of Quinoa (pronounced 'Keen-wa') -Grain- about 5 teaspoons dry.
Cooked like oats. Add fruit such as strawberry or banana. Milk such as soy,
goats, or rice preferred. A Quinoa may be expensive ( around 16 dollars Cdn
for 2 litres) but a little goes a long way!

* One or two Eggs micro waved in cup/bowl. Poke yolks and stir a bit
(or egg will blow up). Microwave for 1 or so minutes, watch carefully.
Result is no grease and no burning.
Eat with vegetables, or cheese (no cheese slices).

High Sun

* Bowl of Rice -Sushi rice - Add wasabi and small amount of soy sauce if needed.
Add steamed veggies if preferred.

* Rice Pasta. With almond nut sauce. Still looking for new sauces.
Add steamed vegetables or cheese to side of dish.

* Simple Salad with Biscuts.(Apple, plain, etc..)


* Fish or Chicken (many ways to prepare, usually favorite with rice
and a home-made gravy sauce).
Include veggies.


* Homemade Carrot Juice

* Purified Water (Too many chemicals in tap water)

* Apple or Orange Juice (Try to make it yourself or shop healthy;
don't go for the 'sugar added' ones)

To replace milk

* Rice Milk -Sweet, clear-white, sometimes bitter.

* Soy Milk -Some taste horrible, some great.

* Goats Milk -Needs to be kept colder than cow's milk.

Meal add-ons

* Bread / Biscuits

* Cheese

* Fruits and Veggies


Biscuits: Bake your own. I have an easy recipe for those who ask.
Watch out though, my biscuits usually taste so good that they disappear like chocolate!

Cheese: I love cheese and I really dislike processed 'sliced' and wrapped cheese
(you know the type). I find buying a big 'brick' of Cheddar, cutting it into small
slices/cubes, wrapping them myself and then putting them in the freezer works well.
When they come out they crumble easily and can be used in soups and easily
micro waved for softness.

Veggies: When you have a whole pile of veggies, you some times don't know
what to do with them all. I try and keep them at the front of my fridge so I don't
'lose track' and let them hide behind large objects (like milk and such),
only to find them weeks later with a form of consciousness.
Also, wash vegetables real well before you eat them, even if cooking.
Making your own veggie-cook book works well for the times when you don't
know what to prepare.

Fruits: Purchase convenient fruits, and ones that you love. Try new fruits too.
Find new recipes.

Please, please, please! Wash your Fruits and Vegetables
before eating them!

Don't just wipe the apple on your shirt and take a bite!
There are many pesticides on fruits and veggies in the markets, not to mention they
have been handled by at LEAST a dozen people!
(The growers, pickers, shippers, and shoppers)

Quinoa "Keen-wa": Odd taste. They are small grain-seeds (looks much like bird feed).
They have a 'textured and crunchy' feel in the mouth. I always tend to eat them
about a half a teaspoon at a time since I love how they 'crunch'.
They are better eaten with fruits, until you fully accept the taste.
Eat it like Oatmeal. There should be cooking directions on the package.
And again, a LITTLE goes a long way. You can add milk if you want but
try sticking to milk that works for you, it doesn't have to be soy, goats,
rice milk..unless you like them. -Though chances are if you are trying Quinoa
you are probably using the other types anyways -
Quinoa links:

Food Resource Natural Sprout Company, LLC

Purified water: Normally I wouldn't mention it but having purified
water is a lot better for your health than what probably comes out of your
kitchen taps. Chlorinated water can kill the good bacteria in your body
(the kind that helps kill the bad bacteria), there are always chances of
worms and such slipping into your tap water and as far as I know,
Chlorine doesn't kill them. There are other things in tap water,
though I won't go into detail here.

Substitute Milk Rice and Soy Milk Recipe

If you are Elven, or not, you should still be careful about what you consume.

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