Spreading Glamour

"What do you mean by spreading glamour?"

I think the term spreading glamour originated at a mailing list called the LostKinProject.

What it means is you bring up the thought of otherkinness in
non-awakened kins minds by putting little quotes on paper so they
will find them like "Faeries exist!" or even drawing kin-designs
in the snow where people can walk by and see them.

"Where could I spread glamour?"

Anywhere! though some places might be inappropriate or
not very useful.

Try places where people are already trying to open their minds like:

Your Public Library
Universities or Colleges
New Age Conventions

"What else can I do to spread glamour?"
Well here are some more suggestions below :)

* Draw a seven pointed star on a chalkboard at your University, College,
High School( or anywhere else you can think of).

* Carve on a little piece of wood a reiki symbol.

* Write on a small piece of paper saying " EXIST!"
and put it in another language! When people find things in other languages
they get curious and try to find out what it means...which means they will be
concentrating on it more!(and probably remember it better when they do find out!)

* Same as above but put it in both Human and another language, such as Elven.
It may help them connect to that kinside easier.


Here's some ideas from Audra:

How about...

"Elves are all over the place."

"Look up!"

"Ponder the source of your imagination."

"Never forget the ages before Adam."

"If you're happy and you know it, wag your tail...
(or flap your wings or breath fire or whatever else)."

Howl to your next door neighbor, and see if you get a response.

"Since when did history books get stuck under the heading of "Fantasy"?"

... or your favorite quotables from your favorite fantasy novels.

Thanks Audra!

An example
Blue types:
Gold and I decided to spread glamour by setting up rocks on a sandy shoreline
so they spelled words like 'dragons exist' and 'we live'.
I 'made' a draconic hand by finding nicely shaped rocks and setting them
up together (see pic below).
I know it didn't last too long (wind and vandals) but at least people could
see it for a few days and it was really fun to do!

The only limit is your imagination! Go, and try new ways to spread glamour!


Warnings of spreading glamour

Blue types:
The main thing we should worry about when we do write
notes and leave them is the problem of littering

Sure it's nice to drop a note but if everyone is going to
be dropping notes, that's a lot of paper.
You should do something nice in return to mother nature
to make up for it by saying something like

"For every note I drop, I must pick up pieces (or more) of trash
within 24 hours!"

You don't have to use paper, you could use more biodegratable
things like napkins, leaves, or(if your an adult) even under
bar coasters they might last a few weeks in a bar and for
some reason people look at the bottoms anyways.
To my knowledge paper coasters are ok to write on
but I don't suggest vandalism, make sure its ok to write on something

In a library, you could take out a book on faeries or something else,
and leave a 'bookmark' stating "WE DO EXIST" and leave it at that,
but you must keep it small (someone mentioned fortune cookie paper)
and have it stuck in the crevice real good (the library people check
for notes in books when you return them).

I wouldn't recomend leaving an Internet address, people who aren't
awakened or won't be (in this life) might think its an advertisement
and not even notice the real message or even flame the place.
A parent might notice it in their kids book and might mistake it for
something evil.

Just let the people find the places themselves; I think it's a natural
drive that everykin has; to go looking for it themselves.

Oh, and what ever you do, resist the urge to leave a note at a church.
Some places would really freak out if there was suddenly a note on a pew
saying "Dragons EXIST!!!" since some beliefs tend to think dragons are evil
or Satanic or whatever *sighs*

And it's not really nice anyways, some may be kin, true but they still have
their own beliefs and it might get them angry; they might begin to hate
otherkin instead of loving them!

Please use caution and think before you spread (your)glamour.

Note: This page WILL be updated continually within the next few weeks, at least.
please keep checking in to this page!

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